my name is Mahabbeh Mowakket, I live with my husband and my baby  in Dubai, as i moved here in 2011 ,my last full employment occupation was an Office Manager for a Dutch company, I ran their office in Dubai for almost four years ,and I left it to start exploring new challenges and opportunities through a new journey in Coaching and as a life and business coach, after what is summarized in 12 years of employment experience within different roles in management and customer service that I started when I was still a student as i am a graduate from Aleppo University, in 2009, I studied economics , but one of the highlights of my life is the three years that spent volunteering to work with special needs in Syria just before I leave to Dubai, I worked as a trainer and a teacher for kids with disabilities,  I taught  them computer, math and English language, and trained other volunteers as well.  And now I voluntarily serve as IPPAED (International Positive Psychology Association Education division) secretary of division, 

I love life, and I believe that wellbeing is right for everybody to have, and I live my life holding this belief dearly, and this is what keeps me going, and eager to grow more and more, I like reading, photography, watching good movies, nature, walking and hiking, and I meditate daily, and try to apply mindfulness in as many aspects of my life as possible, I love beauty, and see it everywhere, I am  uplifted, energetic, enthusiastic most of my days, what makes me the happy person that everybody thinks I am when they meet me in person, and nothing thrills me more than seeing wellbeing and happiness spreading, specially in the harsh environments

 self development, happiness, positivity, are key words summerise my passion, and the driven force that lead me to coaching. 

coaching is the tool I use to dimonstrate my passion to life, my beleifs that everyone have everything they need to thrive.